Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

Are you looking for a tool that supplies you with real-time information about your business in media reports, newspaper articles, online comments as well as radio and TV broadcasts in real-time? Then blueReport is exactly right for you.

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Real-time media monitoring. All from one source.

blue report offers customized media monitoring solutions. You choose the sources you want to monitor. Our media sample contains over 9000 printed media titles from Germany, Switzerland and Austria (additional international printed media are on available upon request), thousands of online and social media sources, blogs and forums, websites of organizations and corporations as well as over one hundred TV and radio stations. We deliver all our search results in real time and at attractive fixed prices.

How does blueReports media monitoring system work?

With blueReport your monitor all the issues, companies, individuals and political actors that are crucial to you and your business reliably and professionally. Just determine which keywords and which sources you want to monitor. Setting the right keywords makes sure you won't miss any important mention of your business.
Your company Name of your company in different spellings and languages your own domains Social Media accounts, user profiles on social networks Twitter names, hashtags etc. Representatives of your company such as CEO, member of the board, spokesperson etc. Your own products and services Your own sponsorship activities
Competitors Names of your competitors in different spellings and languages Social Media accounts, Twitter names Products and services of your competitors Press releases and events of your competitors
Clients Discussions and statements from clients and potential clients in blogs, forums and social media Comments in online media Information about customers, customer names, names of products, business information, networking etc.
Industry and stakeholders Politics, ministries, parliament, political parties, politicians, initiatives and committees Organizations, industry associations, trade unions, NGO / NPO, associations, think tanks etc. Cooperation partners / suppliers Industry topics and experts Journalists Bloggers Potential growth markets and sectors
Our experienced Media Monitoring Consultants are pleased to assist you in drafting your personal search profile.

Research and archive

blueReport enables you to set up pre-defined search queries as well as perform ad-hoc free-text searches.
The desired articles can either be selected freely or automatically filtered and structured based upon your search agents, tags, a period of time or specific media types. You can also perform retroactive free text searches across the entire blueReport online source sample.