The comprehensive media monitoring solution

All from one source: Internet, social media, printed media, radio and TV.

blueReport sees who says what — everywhere and at any time. The state-of-the-art connection of contemporary media monitoring with social media monitoring combines all relevant information into one powerful system.

Our broad basis of sources is continually maintained by editors and forms the basis of our comprehensive media monitoring with online media, conventional print media from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as leading international key media.

Primary sources are also a key element of the monitoring system: the coverage of companies, organisations, politics and authorities ensures that you have a decisive lead in the flow of information. The media panel can be adapted and expanded to fit your requirements.

The social web also belongs to our comprehensive monitoring program. All hits from blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Wikipedia and other social networks are brought together for you.

blueReport search agents blueReport search agents

World-class monitoring, amazingly easy.

blueReport finds and delivers, you analyze and present. Easy and fast.

Whether at work or on the move with your tablet or smartphone - thanks to blueReport you get all relevant information in real time and can process it effectively. In addition to our web app, we also provide our information by eMail, RSS feed, PDF or Excel file. However you want it. We also offer an enterprise API for more demanding scenarios.

Press review and reports can be created easily using blueReport: your media review with concrete figures, informative diagrams and convincing evaluations — all with a few clicks. Maintain the overview of your communication activities thanks to a personalized Dashboard.

Monitoring with blueReport in a nutshell
blueReport presents the information relevant to you. From all media. In realtime.