Media monitoring

Media monitoring

With blueReport, you see who says what. In real-time and on every media channel. Always keep track of your media coverage.

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Keep track of your media coverage

Today, media monitoring is more important than ever: While media monitoring has previously been limited to the observation of newspapers, trade press, news agencies and other press articles, the field of possible sources has become much larger. In order to obtain a holistic view of your media coverage, it is essential that relevant keywords an topics are monitored not only offline, but also online and on radio and TV channels. blueReport delivers all the hits from one source: Internet, social media, printed media, radio and TV. In the field of printed media monitoring you can choose between an observation for Germany only or a comprehensive monitoring of the entire GSA region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Also online and social media are part of our monitoring program: blogs (weblogs) and forums as well as well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. guarantee an extensive overview of all media channels.

Our sources

Printed media Our media sample includes more than 9'000 sources of printed media from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our media sample includes daily papers, weekly papers, magazines, journals and special interest titles. In collaboration with specialized partners, we also offer tailor-made media samples with the print editions of international key media as well as comprehensive monitoring solutions for individual countries.
Online Media We monitor thousands of online sources and add new relevant sources on a daily basis to our media list. We at blueReport think it has a crucial impact on the quality of our search hits that our broad basis of sources is continually maintained by editors. We do not confine ourselves to the observation of well-known online media sources but monitor all major companies, organizations, authorities and parliaments. On request, we add new sources promptly and free of charge to our media list.
Social media Social networks also belong to our comprehensive monitoring program. We monitor blogs, forums, review/rating portals and comment columns of relevant online media sites as well as the most important social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia etc. All hits from social media sites can be included in your press reviews or downloaded to Excel for further analysis and visualizations.
Radio and TV In order to observe audiovisual content such as newscasts, talk shows, or radio interviews, our media panel includes over one hundred national, regional and local radio and television stations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These channels are being monitored fully automated 24/7. In addition to our speech recognition based radio and television-monitoring we also screen the websites of the major radio and television stations worldwide for updates in real-time.

Examples of integrated media monitoring

blueReport offers customized and tailor-made media monitoring solutions at fixed prices. That includes a wide range of services including the creation of a weekly press reviews, handling large media archives as well as comprehensive observations of issues, companies and brands. Our customers include both medium-sized companies and SMEs as well as large listed companies, organizations, associations, NGO / NPO and authorities.
Your daily media coverage with blueReport Create individual press reviews in just a few seconds. Use the blueReport web app to select the desired search results using filters based on search agents, tags, time and media genre or select your articles completely free-handed. Then structure your press review the way it suits your needs. Of course you can also subscribe to our fully automated press reviews and eMail summaries. Our real-time alerts will additionally send you push notifications every time one of your keywords is being found.
The blueReport Newsroom – Maximum usability, maximum security Our multilingual web app is included in all of our products. Your personal blueReport web app is accessible 24/7 via any current browser. All data are transmitted via secure SSL encryption. The web app has a dashboard showing the current media coverage. Your timeline shows in chronological order always the latest results and offers numerous possibilities to filter and sort your search results. Search agents can be adapted and optimized at any time.

Export the data from your media monitoring

The Reporting-Module of your blueReport Newsroom lets you analyze, visualize, and export all your online, print, radio, TV and Social Media hits.
PDF Press Reviews Export your data to create tailor-made press reviews of your results based on individually definable time periods or tags. Excel-Reports Export your results to Excel: With the blue report analysis and visualization tool you have access to a large number of predefined visualizations such as top sources, timing charts, media distribution, etc. For more personalized evaluations we refine our search results by default with metadata and tags, ratings and comments and provide the data in a clearly structured Excel data sheet. RSS-Feed Export the results of a single search agent or a freely selectable tag as an RSS feed and integrate the results directly into your website, your company's intranet or any RSS feed reader.